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Meet Clarke, Miracle Child!

Clarke is an outgoing, vivacious, five year old with a personality as unique and unpredictable as her story. After recovering from open-heart surgery, at a year old, her family struggled to find answers to a range of problems including skin rashes, fever, fatigue, muscle/abdominal pain, and frequent respiratory  concerns.  Over the past four years, a team of specialists along with her pediatrician at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital have worked diligently to provide Clarke and her family with comfort and care as they strive to help her live a healthy and active life. Clarke is proud of her perfectly patched heart and considers herself to be a “professional kid doctor” as she receives weekly at-home infusions to help give her immune system a very beneficial boost!

Did you know?
Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital has dedicated pediatric cardiologists who are trained in treating a variety of pediatric heart conditions.  Pediatric heart-related problems include heart murmurs, abnormal heart rhythm, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, fainting spells, and congenital heart disease.

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