Meet Zariah, Miracle Child!

When Zariah was 4 months old, she was brought to the Emergency Room with a fever of 103 degrees and her heart rate was over 220 BPM.  After countless x-rays, blood tests, spinal taps, MRI, etc, the cause for her illness could not be identified.  After months of being in the hospital, Zariah became septic, stopped breathing, and went into cardiac arrest.  After many team members worked tirelessly at her bedside to resuscitate her, there was a pulse!  Zariah needed a tube put in her abdomen to release air and fluid but was too weak to have the surgery.

After emergency surgery, doctors found that her entire intestines were very diseased and infected.  Months and months passed with her conditions worsening, when one day, Zariah took a turn for the better.  She became stronger every day and began growing again.  After 7 ½ months in the hospital, Zariah finally began to heal and her family was able to return home.

Did you know?
Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital  has dedicated pediatric operating and recovery rooms.  We also have a dedicated Child Life Specialist that helps provide comfort and explains the process to kids in terms they can understand.

Count down to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital’s Mediathon with us as we highlight some our patients that will be sharing their story with us live next week on iHeartMedia, WAFB-TV Channel 9, and the Louisiana Business Inc Publications!  To learn more about Mediathon, click here! 

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