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Vote for Miracles & Help Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital!

America’s Credit Unions invite you to Vote for Miracles today!  Vote for Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, everyday between now and December 19 to help Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital win a donation for the new freestanding children’s hospital.  Every vote makes a difference!  The top 5 children’s hospitals across the network will receive a donation ranging from $5,000 (5th Place) to $50,000 (1st Place) .

Share the Vote for Miracles page with all of your friends and family and help #AmazingKids get the best, world-class healthcare close to home!

Check out the voting results to see how Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is doing!

Your vote helps kids like Kelli.  The day after Kelli was born, she stopped breathing.  Her mom had to call the nurse for a “code blue.”  A code blue is when a patient undergoes cardiopulmonary arrest or has an unexpected loss of heart function or breathing and consciousness.  Read more about Kelli’s story here.


The new freestanding Our Lady of the Lake Childrens Hospital is set to open in 2019. Learn more about how you can help at