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Meet Shania, Miracle Child!

In November of 2013, Shania started having severe stomach pain and couldn’t keep any food or drink down.  After having visited the doctor four times, in January of 2014, Shania was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and a pseudo cyst tumor.  She was in the hospital for a month and lost 38 pounds all while feeling very sick.  She was able to return home and loved being reunited with her brothers.

In March of 2014, Shania’s life was changed forever as she was admitted once again for pancreatitis.  She had her gallbladder removed and cyst drained, a 2nd pic line, feeding tube, and was confined once again to the children’s hospital.  Shania missed half of third grade that year being home bound.

Shania’s mom, Shannan, said, “We first thank God for our daughter and how he used Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital staff, Dr. Alberty, Dr. Hansbrough, many nurses and Child Life specialists to care for our beautiful child.  Our family is grateful and humbled and we extend our heartfelt thanks to this hospital.  Shania has her beautiful smile and is sharing her miracle with all who will listen.  God is always faithful and he uses Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital!”

Did you know?

Digestion and gastrointestinal (GI) problems affect children and adults alike. Our pediatric GI doctors are trained to treat and diagnose even the most complex gastrointestinal issues, and will work together with you to establish a treatment plan or diet to help your child feel better.

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